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(no subject) [Jul. 10th, 2006|01:09 pm]
A bumpy road - Survey on Love, Lust, and Liking - an itsy bitsy graphic, but who's complaining?
True love:
Does it exist?:Yes
If not, what痴 the alternative?:...erm.. Lust?
If yes, are you an optimist as well as a romantic?:I am.. at times?
In addition, do you get a white horse in the bargain, too?:Hehehe yes
How the hell do you make T.L. last?:TL..?
Even Barbie and Ken broke up ・any other role models?:Good role models? Lets see.. my mommy. -.-
On with it:
Which is safer, lust or love?:Wow.. i'd have to say.. both are unsafe.. But Love is worth more.
Why?:Well its kinda hard to explain.. but the feelings great and it lasts Longer?
Personal experience or is this thought-out?:A little of both
But doesn稚 pure lust feel so good sometimes?:I guess.
Agree/Disagree: Love is like a drug.:Agree. Im addicted?
Do you know anyone who really understands women?:Women.... And some gay guys...
How about someone who really understands men?:Men...?
Can you include their phone number and availability?:Lmao... ermm... i'll get back to you on that.
Fine, be that way. Can one learn to understand them both?:Yes with lots of time.
How do you break a pattern in dating, love, etc.?:...hmm.. You try something new-- all the time??
Does this include therapy?:Lmao maybe some
What frustrates you about (men and/or women)::Hmm well one in particular. A lot of times, when he doesnt want to explain something to me.. He'll Say HE'S GOING TO SLEEP.
Hey, give vent to your frustrations you池e not alone on this.:GAHHH IT PISSES ME OFF.. okay *ehem* im fine now ^^
Here's one last opportunity::NO thank you.. ^0^ Pyo~
Would you ever consider not moving in with your spouse?:Only if he didnt want me to.
As in, having separate living arrangements? Just a thought.:Again. Only if he didnt want me to.
How do you motivate yourself to date?:Uhh... i dunno.. Make someone ask me out?
Dating can be awful - any horror stories?:Chya--but too bad you cant hear them. Jk.
Any dating wisdom people often ignore?:First kiss on first date = NOT IMPORTANT.
Do you look at someone痴 shoes on a date?:Lmao .. yeah
Fingernails?:... yeah.
What makes a good first impression on YOU?:Nice, polite... or totally opposite and exactly like me ^^
Define a 租ate・(everyone痴 is different)::Going out to i dunno dinner or movie or something like that with a person you like
Who pays?:Lets call it dutch.
What痴 your mood half an hour before a first date?:Omg omg omg {verrryy excited}
Ever fallen in love at first sight?:Kinda
・Had to ask. Anyway, if yes, how was it?:Well it wasnt really Love at first sight.. But i knew we clicked ^^
If no, good, save yourself the heartbreak ・right?:Haha yeah.
On moving on: The dreaded act of forgetting
Ever been the one who has to forget?:Yes..
Which is harder: To forgive, or to forget?:Forget.
Ever wished someone would forget YOU?:Yes.
Why?:Cuz then i wouldnt have to deal with it.
Wallowing is so tempting. How do YOU distract yourself?:I dont. I just wallow.
On instincts:
Do you follow your emotions, or use strict self-restraint?:Follow emotion.. most of the time.
Has this worked for you?:O.o.. yes?
Who should have the upper hand?:ME. justtt kiddin
Oh, should there even BE an upper hand?:Nope.
You致e made a fool of yourself at least once, right?:Yes
Was it worth it?:Yeahhhh
Do you regret a move you made instinctively?:Nope
On the three-letter wonder word: Sex
Have you found a really sensitive spot on a partner痴 body?:O.o...
Care to divulge (let it be something other than the obvious)?:Knees are ticklish?
What about a spot on YOUR body (again, not the obvious)?:O.o...
Do you cuddle?:Hehe cuddle ^^ yes yes yes
Are you up for trying new things?:erm... maybe
Ever watched porn?:O.o..
Is there an unspoken rule in sex?:Yes. That i dont know.
For Guys: Is lingerie important, or just a piquant detail?:O.o
If girls want to put their two cents in on this::O.o
For Girls: What痴 your stance on body hair?:Dont.. really..like..it...
Alright, guys, here痴 your chance on the above::O.o
The last...
Singledom is ---:Fun. You spend more time with your friends
Being part of a couple is ---:Haha a great feeling - when in a good relationship
Could you ever have an open relationship?:Well... describe "open"
Can you separate the physical from the emotional?:Maybe
What痴 a natural turn-on?:O.o
Any physical appeals you look for?:Hehe Cute smile?
If you listed 粗yes・ try again::o.o
If you listed 僧outh,・aww. c'mon!:o.o
If you then listed 蘇air・ I give up.:o.o
I am a ---- lover.:Yes.
Take this survey | Find more surveys
You've been totally Bzoink*d
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(no subject) [May. 27th, 2006|01:09 pm]
Hmm well. So far for todayyy..

1.) I need to know if we [Ayaka, Emily, Michael, Chris, Nana, Shota] are really going to universal studios on monday.. and its hard to do that cuz no one is picking up their phones.. So i shall try to call again later.

a. I know that Emily and Michael can get a ride..
b. I have no idea if Nana and Shota are even coming.
c. I dont know if Ayaka is going to get a ride
d. Chris has IQ testing on monday until 3.
e. My mom doesnt want to drive me.

Yep yep. Lots of problems...

Other than that... i'll see chris in an hour.. so i SHOULD be getting ready to leave.

Bleh and my mom just got home so im screwed [cuz i was supposed to do this thing...]

Damn. TTYl LAter!!
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(no subject) [May. 25th, 2006|10:00 pm]
Hmm.. Today was an okay day. We had to run 7 laps so I was kinda tired... Okay fine, REALLY tired.. [cuz i think i got a heat stroke or w.e] When i came home I just slept and slept and when i woke up i freaked out cuz it was almost 9 and i hadnt started my hw yet and i was supposed to call Sammy and help her when i was finished.. yeah and i hadnt done any of my math or spanish hw yet so i was like.."Screw this" ;___;

Omg, Margue got mad at us [nadia, sammy, wendy, me] today cuz we didnt give her lipgloss back.. [obnoxious sammy comment: "Like, Oh my goddd. LIpgloss is likeee... Margue's LIFE"]
Yeah but i stayed after school and sat on the track cuz i wanted her to forgive me... i got in lotsa trouble but it was worth it cuz she DID forgive me :]
Yes yes and i gave her lots of hugggsss XD

I didnt know we had an English test today... that i didnt know about.. So i hope i do well on that :P
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(no subject) [May. 24th, 2006|07:36 am]
Hmmm.. Gah lets see.. I have to talk about my b-day...

May 16th..

It was 12:45 and i was sitting at a table we had reserved at lampost. Nadia and Brooke were there and we were waiting for everyone else to arrive... When they did i ran out and they handed me this black bag with "radioshack" on it...I looked inside... AND IT WAS AN IPOD NANO

Haha they all put money together to get me it.. I was so happy!! {i already have 203 songs on it) OHhh and then vickie gave me a TEDDY GEIGER CD... I was SOOOO happy..

[lol, teddy geiger = hotty.]

Yes yes.. so once everyone was there, everyone started asking me where my dashing boyfriend was... SAMMY called him and told him that i hated him!! [grr... can you believe that??]

yeah... and then he arrived... It was very akward... I didnt know how to act in front of my friends.. [cuz half of them.. kinda...REALLY dislike him...]
But i gave him a hug and thanked him for coming..

Days before he told me that he would give me a present but not in front of my friends [lol]
To tell you the truth.. that kinda scared me.. But know i know its all these small things that he made for me.. :P [including a CD of his band] Haha im so excited to hear it.

Yeah.. well i was sitting at a table.. while everyone else was playing games and etc.. cuZ my mom made me... Bleh and then i had three ppl come up to me and tell me that Chris was "too close" to Margue.. and i just kinda waved it off but a few minutes later i was kinda.. no really sad ^^; Nyeh.. I didnt really even see them together or w.e but yeah. It didnt make me too happy.

Bleh.. yeah and then later i was talking to Xian.. [her bf] and i mentioned it.. and she got into trouble... Im such an idiot.. i shouldnt have told him.. I felt really bad after. And later she told me that if he didnt believe her, they would've broken up..

I'm such a bad friend.. Grr, i didnt even see anything happen -.-

Yeah, but everything's good now.. Margue doesnt hate me [thank god] im such an asshole.. i hate myself.. I bet those 3 ppl were just joking anyways :/


May 20th

Saw Chrissy again [sat]

We went to the park and played that weird music game on my ipod.. And then he complained that i give more attention to my ipod than i give him.. ;___; [I DO NOT!]

Yeah.... and then later we went to his house and finished Hercules from last time *neehee* His dad was sitting in the middle of the living room and when i came in he was like.. "DONT pay attention to the old guy sitting here" It was funny :P
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(no subject) [May. 22nd, 2006|10:41 pm]


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(no subject) [May. 13th, 2006|10:41 pm]
[music |Breaking the Habit - Lincoln Park]

Haha today i was at J-school and there were 3 "new" people there ("new" because they were here for a trial class)

Class was okay.. but we played basketball during yasumijikan XD
Hahah it was a lot of funnn

After J-school..

At around 3-ish i went to DH Park and met Chris. When i met him, he gave me a rose and told me that he was sorry for being a jerk on thursday.. (i was the jerk... he cried) We sat around and talked a little... untilll.... MOON BOUNCE!! I dont think we were supposed to go on it but no one was at the park so we went on.. And then these kids came to the park and turned it off!! *gasp*

So... we walked to the Duck Pond Park.. where we bought powerade.. and "i bet 500 kisses"-ed
Haha but we both lost/won the bet so we had to split it 250-250. But then i tickled him so then i owed him an extra 50. -.-

It was so weird.. We found two black bracelets... So we both kept one .. but then when i got home my mom said that it might be cursed o.O..
My mom sometimes really scares me.. When we were at the park at around 9:00.. When i told my mom that we were at the park still she was like... "WHAT?? There are scary "creatures" there! They might come out...!!!" and of course... I got scared -.-

She drove us to Angel Cafe and we were the lasts ones they let in [they were closing] Haha yeah... and we ordered a pizza but... AFTER we were done.. He was like.. "oh crap.. i just remembered im allergic to tomato!" and then i was like.. REALLY worried cuz i didnt want him to get sick..

Haha when we went to drop him off, Justin [heidi's friend] was at his house!! Turns out that Chris' tutoree is JUSTIN! It was really funny.

Oh i found out that Chris' dad gets out of the hospital tommorow...
I really hope he's okay.. I dont think Chris should go with me to the mall tommorow if it's going to make his father worried.. [ not good... ]

Haha i have a feeling that im starting to talk like chris.. He's rubbing off on me.. :P

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(no subject) [May. 10th, 2006|10:42 pm]
[Current Location |Drive - Incubus]

Lets see... for today's news...

It was really hot out today! In P.E. we were supposed to run 7 laps and when we went outside.. we were already sweating! Then we ran and it just made things worse..

After we finished running.. 3 of my friends felt sick and 2 of them almost threw up.. I was so busy trying to comfort all of them @.@

Margue had her head by the trash can and i couldnt do anything cuz i was trying to help Nadia walk... She didnt throw up but she almost did, she looked really sick. Wow.. That's weird that i didnt feel sick at all. Anyways, i was trying to help Nadia so we were both in the bathroom while everyone else was playing badminton. I felt so bad... I couldnt do anything for Nadia.. Just stand there and wait for her to feel better. I had a feeling that she was embarrased because she felt sick.. She told me to join the rest of the class, she would be fine alone...

But as soon as the teacher was done talking, i rushed back to the bathroom to check up on her. When i walked in she was washing her face and her hands.. I thought she threw up or something so i started wiping her face with a paper towel ^^; She was sweating so much i thought she was going to pass out.

I helped her walk to the gym where the rest of the class was. When we walked in, everyone looked at Nadia (They all thought she was throwing up in the bathroom) And she sat down.

I cant believe i almost got in trouble for helping Nadia.. We weren't allowed to be in the bathroom. -.-

She told the rest of the class that if they ever went to the bathroom without permission, they would get a referral. God, it's a good thing she likes me. If i were one of the guys [like dakotah or josh] i probably would have gotten a referal.

Poor Nadia. :[ I really hope she's okay (now)

Omg.. if 7 laps was this bad.. 8 laps will be even more of a disaster. I think i had a heatstroke or something.. Cuz i have a reaaaaaally bad headache and i took medicine [lots] and its not feeling any better.

Haha Chris says that if i dont get any better soon (i'm sick) he's gonna come to my house and spoon feed me some chris-made chicken noodle soup. Lmao

I guess im in a good mood cuz he called me three times today [im not allowed to text anymore :( ]

Well, i guess i shall do my hw and sleep now. Niggght <3
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(no subject) [May. 9th, 2006|10:55 pm]
[Current Location |Shuji to Akira - Seishun Amigo]

Chris' dad went in for heart surgery today. I had no idea what was going on until Chris told me... Now i feel like an ass.

Again, he thinks i believe everything my friends say to me... He told me that he was worried that i was gonna break up with him.

God, does it seem like i'd break up with him that easily?? It kinda pisses me off that he's so worried that im gonna break up with him. I care about him too much to break up. Well, at least he's worried. Shows he cares :]

Yeah.. my mom got mad at me for text messeging too much so that means i cant answer any texts i get the next few weeks... -.-

Oh well, i cant still call :}

Haha i just watched this kinda nerve wrecking movie about the avian flue... I swear, if i had watched the whole thing i would probably be a germaphob right now.. it was that freaky --.--

tommorow i have a geography test (bleh) and i have to run 7 laps... so i guess i have to go now! (i shall try to sleep early today!!) :D

I hope Chris'll be alright.. Gosh, he worries me so much.. K byee <3
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:D [May. 7th, 2006|11:05 pm]
[mood |crazycrazy]
[music |The Remedy - Jason Mraz]

Today i was at Brit's house... we were working on out geofest project (uhhhhggg) But it was actually fun! We made Origami stuff and we learned some interesting stuff about asia!! Haha Brittany has a way of making everything fun :P

Butttt... Later that day.. I saw Chrissss <3 XD Hahahaa im sooo happy! This is the second time i saw him this weekend!! T'was a great day..

We were at the community park and we were sitting there and these guys were like.. "WOHHHOOOO" and like "OOOOOOOOH" and it was hilarious. ^^;

Then i saw Lyanne (syanne's sister) so she'll know that i was with him that day.

Oh oh and then later we went to lampost pizza cuz i was freezing my butt off out there.

God, i hate being a "samugari" i get cold too easily.. TT___TT

Now im probably gonna get sick Blehhh

Ohhh lets see. Chris told me that he was supposed to go home around 9... but turned out that his father thought he was gonna be home by 8.. Yeah so he's probably gonna be grounded. Oh! I got to see his sister! (Haha he really wants to meet my sister)

I cant help but feel a little embarrased about the fact i live in a town house after seeing his really nice house ^^;

But it seems like he really wants to see inside my house :P

Bleh, well i gotta study for my geography test now.. so.... BYE!
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<3 [May. 7th, 2006|10:09 am]
Well, lets see.. Nadia and Wendy almost got expelled from school the day before yesterday because of brooke... (Her mom called the police for some friggin reason..) And Brooke didnt know.. When she found out she just broke down crying saying that everyone hates her now and lalalala.. The one thing that annoys me is that Nadia is pretty much sucking up to both Wendy and Brooke... When she's with Wendy she's like.. "I cant believe brooke would do that..Omfg!" and when she's with Brooke she'll be like.. "Dont worry, im on your side. Wendy wont hurt you."

I pretty much HATE ALL PEOPLE who act like that so it really changed my veiws on Nadia.. She says she wants to stay "nuetral" But making them both believe that she's on their side isnt good.

I really want to tell them what she's doing.. because Nadia takes a big part of this fight.. And they deserve to know.. If it gets worse i'll have to tell them..

I just want this to all end.. It wasnt supposed to be such a big deal when Wendy wrote the IM and now Brooke feels like everyone hates her because her mom called the police :/


As for a more happy story, I saw Chris yesterday :D

Haha, we had a picnic at "our" park again. T'was lots of fun.. He brought a picnic blanket and I brought food from the japanese market and we ate that.. Yesterday i asked him if he liked japanese food (sushi etc) And he said that he'd probably eat anything.. But yeah.. Hmm. He told me that on weekends he doesnt eat as much as he does during the weekdays.. But im guessing he just didnt want to eat everything :P OH well, its okay.

After we ate we just talked/lay there/named crows/threw packs of gum at each other. Haha it sounds boring but it was actually lots of fun..
And then later that night we looked at the st-- wait, there were no stars.. The sky was just blank.. Yep so we were all like.. Tonight it seems like there's nothing beyond the earth.
It was so cloudy.. and we got cold later so we had to huddle!

Yep yep and he re-chrissified my jacket :D... My mom's getting mad at me cuz i havent washed that jacket in a while now (XP) Oh well, if it smells like Chris then it's perfect.

When Chris kissed me.. i forgot how to breathe.. haha i was like.. uh oh... i cant.. breathe.. I think im dying... Ehe ^^;
But i didnt die.

Later that evening around.. 9 his dad came to pick us up and we went to his house.. ... hm.. Lucky Chris, he lives in this beautiful house by a lake.. I thought Oak Park was pretty but now.. Wow i cant really even compare Oak Park with the gated community he lives in.

Oak Park's still pretty (haha i can hear the birds chirping outside my window.

Maybe i'll take a walk later today.. (After i go to Brit's house)

Oh oh anyways we "watched" Hercules (haha watched haha) And then my mom rang the doorbell after the first what.. 10 minutes. Yeah and i went home dazed.

The place he lives is so pretty.. (well at night, that's when i saw it) haha ^^;

Oh, what i'd do to live in a place like that. Oak park is sunny and cheerful but Westlake.. is GORGEOUS :P
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